The Swiftiana’s Mold Experience

The Swiftiana Group is a literature club which meets at a private residence in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Organized to study and celebrate the works of Jonathan Swift, they meet to read and discuss satirical pieces.

While finding mold in your home is destressing enough, the founder of The Swiftiana Group was doubly concerned because of the danger to her personal library. In order to prevent mold growth from developing or spreading throughout her collection, she began searching for mold remediation Atlanta recommendations, and ultimately chose Atlanta Mold & Cleaning.

Founded by Parnell Hall, in late 2016, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning has become a trusted go-to in the mold removal and remediation business. Hall started the company in order to help meet the needs of mold removal in the state of Georgia, which is prone to extreme, and potentially toxic mold due to the humidity factor. Services provided include mold inspection and testing, mold remediation, and post mold remediation.


In order to pinpoint and isolate the problem spots, Atlanta Mold & Cleaning first conducts a visual inspection of the property. After test swabs and air samples are gathered for lab analysis, all affected items undergo High-Efficiency Particulate Air vacuuming.

Items are also cleaned with mold inhibiters and in some cases, this process is conducted under negative air pressure. Mold growth is then cleaned and sanded from any and all surfaces. Once the remediation process is complete, it is necessary to dry, filter and fumigate the space in preparation for the final inspection.

The final inspection is designed to insure that all areas are clear of mold and mildew, and that fungicidal sealant has been applied where necessary. Further lab analysis are conducted on fresh test samples to confirm that no harmful residue has withstood the cleaning process. The inspection also allows provides property owners warnings of any conditions that may cause future mold breakouts.

After an efficient and informative experience, The Swiftiana Group is able to meet in the safety and comfort of their small in-home library. With an official certificate of clearance in hand, the space is deemed entirely mold-free.